Reading 20 minutes per day keeps kids on track during summer

State Library and Read On Arizona working to prevent “summer slide”

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June 23, 2015

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PHOENIX – Children and educators work all during the school year to improve reading skills; however, once the school year ends, if children do not continue to practice their skills, those skills have to be relearned. The Arizona State Library and Read On Arizona want you to know reading at least 20 minutes a day keeps the brain exercised and helps prevent “summer slide” or the loss of reading skills during summer break.

“If students retain their reading level over summer break, teachers may spend less time reviewing skills and more time teaching,” said Secretary of State Michele Reagan, whose office oversees the State Library.

The State Library supports summer reading throughout the state to help students retain their skills during summer break. To motivate students, libraries statewide are hosting summer reading programs. If going to the library doesn’t fit into your schedule, many libraries have free eBook lending programs or try  

One program many libraries participate in allows readers of all ages to log their minutes read online at Participants in the program may earn virtual badges by reading a certain number of minutes or from a particular book list.

“Arizona libraries are an important resource for families and the summer reading program is a critical strategy for Read On Arizona in its goal to prevent summer slide for young readers,” said Terri Clark, Arizona Literacy Director for Read On Arizona. “Two simple things any family can do are to read 20 minutes and visit their local library throughout the summer.”

One parent said about last year’s program, “Summer reading provided the motivation my son needed to read on his own and read much more than he normally would have. … I had been hoping for a long time for this breakthrough.”

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Read On Arizona is a statewide, public/private partnership of agencies, philanthropic organizations, and community stakeholders committed to creating an effective continuum of services to improve language and literacy outcomes for Arizona’s children from birth through age eight over the next ten years. Read On Arizona is committed to helping create an early literacy system that delivers the right program at the right time for every child.

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