Secretary Michele Reagan to co-sponsor policy resolutions before National Lt. Governors Association

For Immediate Release
July 7, 2015


Matt Roberts, Director of Communications 
Phone: (602) 542-2228
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Indianapolis, IN – Secretary of State Michele Reagan will co-sponsor three policy resolutions during this week’s annual meeting of the National Lieutenant Governors Association in Indianapolis.   The first commits NLGA members to develop strategies and actions to boost international exports.  Others relate to treating Alzheimer’s disease, and supporting CPR/AED awareness in schools.

“These resolutions are important for our state and nation as a whole,” said Secretary Reagan. “I look forward to working with my fellow Lt. Governors around the nation to do everything we can to create an atmosphere that encourages job growth and an expanding economy.”

The resolution to promote international exports expresses NLGA’s support for greater state-federal collaboration to assure trade assistance is client-focused and client-driven, with less bureaucracy and without duplication of efforts.  In addition, it declares the NLGA will use its position on the Intergovernmental Policy Advisory Commission (IGPAC) to actively engage in developing strategies and actions to boost exports when the opportunity is presented.

“Arizona is a border state that relies heavily on international trade with our neighbor to the south, Mexico,” continued Reagan.  “Arizona exported over 21 billion in goods last year and it helped create and maintain 93,000 jobs. Increasing exports makes our economy grow and helps create jobs for hard-working Arizonans.”

Another resolution for consideration commits the NLGA membership to encourage increased enrollment in Alzheimer’s and dementia clinical trials, particularly through the 2015 ‘Be the Cure’ campaign.

“Alzheimer’s disease affects millions of Americans and nearly 100,000 Arizonans,” said Reagan. “Better treatment, and eventually a cure, will come from those participating in clinical trials.   I would urge those afflicted with the disease to consider joining one of the 200 promising clinical studies across the country.”

The final resolution to be taken up by NLGA membership will encourage state policymakers recommend all students be trained in CPR and AED awareness before graduating from high school.

“Awareness of CPR and defibrillators in our schools is another way to keep our students safe,” the Secretary said.  “Arizona is a state with so many schools that have swimming pools, we all must work harder to stop the drowning epidemic our state faces.  Proper usage of the AED machine can save a life, but misusing the device can be fatal. We must continue to teach students and teachers the proper application of CPR and AED machines.”