Voting Rights Ambassadors hired by Secretary Reagan

Teresa Martinez and Joe Delgardo to encourage voter registration and participation

For Immediate Release
August 5, 2015


Matt Roberts, Director of Communications 
Phone: (602) 542-2228
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Phoenix – As the country celebrates the 50th Anniversary of the Voting Rights Act, Arizona Secretary of State Michele Reagan has announced she has dedicated two employees to focus on improving voter registration and participation.  The Voting Rights Ambassadors will travel the state connecting with schools, libriaries, clubs and civic groups to educate voters on the electoral process and encourage citizens to register to vote.

“One of my top priorities coming into office was to create the new position of "Voting Rights Ambassador,” said Secretary Reagan.  “These two fantastic people will be out in the community educating Arizonans about our system of elections, listening to their concerns and informing them of their rights and responsibilities.”

“It remains critically important for the Secretary of State to ensure that any new laws or rules pertaining to voting or elections do not have a disproportionate effect on minorities. Our Ambassadors will seek out opportunities to work with state and local jurisdictions to ensure that new laws, rules and regulations are fair, impartial and do not serve to disenfranchise minority voters while not ceding any authority back to the federal government.”

In addition to the voter outreach program, the Voting Rights Ambassadors will be visiting with children of all ages to stress the importance and value of exercising their most basic of civil rights.  Utilizing an innovative program of mock elections and stump speeches, kids participate and vote on such important topics as favorite ice cream, make of car and whether they support a three-day weekend.

“For a variety of reasons, young people in our state are not registering to vote or participating in elections to the same degree as older generations,” continued Reagan.  “In order to increase voter registration within this demographic, we are rededicating ourselves to encouraging the next generation of voters to participate in the process.”

Ms. Teresa Martinez of Casa Grande and Mr. Joe Delgardo of Sun City will serve as the Secretary’s two Voting Rights Ambassadors.

Joining the office earlier this year, Ms. Martinez, also works for Congressman Paul Gosar and is a proud mother of an up-and-coming thirteen year old football star.  Mr. Delgardo is a retired American History Teacher from North Pointe Preparatory School, served the Mayor of Boston in the early 1980s and will coach the AZSOS basketball team.