AZSOS Reagan applauds legislative solution to PPE issues

For Immediate Release
May 9, 2016


Matt Roberts, Director of Communications 
Phone: (602) 542-2228
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Arizona’s Legislature has moved forward with a positive response to the confusion and frustration voters experienced when historical voting locations are significantly changed.  Secretary of State Reagan, joined by Maricopa County Supervisors Steve Chucri and Steve Gallardo, believe these changes will go far to make voting easy and convenient.

The amendment to HB2017 comes in response to last month’s Presidential Preference Election where many voters expressed frustration with the use of Voting Centers in Maricopa County.

Senators Kimberly Yee and Debbie Lesko successfully amended the bill to require that jurisdictions using Voting Centers for any election publish lists and maps of proposed locations well in advance of Election Day and then to solicit community input on the merit of these sites.  Site locations may be revised following these hearings.

A Voting Center is a poll location where a voter may cast their ballot regardless of where they live.

“I applaud the legislature for creating a thoughtful response to the March 22 experience,” said Secretary Reagan.  “At every PPE field hearing we held voters said over and over that they didn’t know where they were supposed to vote and when they found a poll location there wasn’t enough parking.  The Yee/Lesko amendment ensures we’ll be asking not only do we have enough locations but do the locations accommodate voter needs before we settle on a plan.”

"The private sector uses crowdsourcing to obtain ideas for better business practices," said Maricopa County Supervisor Steve Chucri. "Allowing more public input into the process of how decisions are made will always be beneficial."  

“I’m pleased lawmakers have called on local jurisdictions to solicit feedback and public input before finalizing the plans for Voting Centers,” said Steve Gallardo Maricopa County Supervisor.  “I will be paying close attention to the outcome of these hearings the next time I’m asked to approve Maricopa County’s election plan.”

Reagan urged swift final passage of the bill and will encourage the Governor to promptly sign the bill into law.