White Tank Branch teen wins Arizona video challenge

Video encourages teens to get in the game and read this summer

For Immediate Release
June 8, 2016

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Donna Throckmorton
Library Services Consultant
Arizona State Library
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Kim Crawford
Deputy Director of Communications
Arizona Secretary of State
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PHOENIX – A teen from White Tank Branch Library, Jeannette Yarrow, created a winning video for the national Collaborative Summer Library Program’s Teen Video Challenge, “Get in the Game – Read!” Join the White Tank Branch Library, 20304 W. White Tank Mountain Road in Waddell, Monday, June 13, 10 a.m., to celebrate her achievement. 

The Teen Video Challenge is a national competition to get teens involved with reading and their public library's summer reading program.  Yarrow’s video, “AZ Rock Paper Scissors” shows teen readers vying for the same book challenging one another to a game of rock, paper, scissors.

For her hard work and creativity, Yarrow will receive a monetary award of $150.

“Involving teens in summer reading is important for them to continue or build upon the successes they made during the school year,” said Secretary of State Michele Reagan, whose office oversees the Arizona State Library. “This is especially important for low-income youth who lose 2 to 3 months of skills built during the academic year.”

The CSLP is a consortium of states working together to provide high-quality summer reading program materials for children, teens, and adults at the lowest cost possible for public libraries. The Arizona State Library is a member of the consortium and shares the tools and combined resources with libraries throughout the state.

In addition to the winning video from Arizona, official CSLP Teen Video Challenge winners were named from several other states. To view this year’s winning videos, please visit CSLP’s website at http://www.cslpreads.org.  The winning videos can be used by all teens and all public libraries to promote summer reading nationwide.

To see whether your library is hosting a summer reading program, sponsored by the Arizona State Library with funds from the Institute of Museum and Library Services, go online to www.azsummerreading.org or call the local library system.

The Arizona State Library is a division of the Secretary of State. The White Tank Branch Library is part of the Maricopa County Library District.