Election Night Results Help


When and how often will the results be updated?

The first batch of election results will be available after 8:00 p.m. on election night. After that, the results are updated sporadically as the counties receive data from the polling locations. 

Refreshing the page will load any new votes that have been tabulated since the last batch of results were uploaded. Additionally, you may view when the page was last updated at the bottom of the election results webpage.


Precincts Reporting

Click on "Precincts Reporting" at the top of the page to view the total number of voting locations that have reported election results, how many ballots have been cast and what the voter turnout is in each county. 


Featured Races

The featured races are set by the Secretary of State's office at the beginning of the night based upon which contests have been generating the most interest across the state. As the night progresses and races become more or less competitive, the Featured Races will be updated to display those that are still garnering attention.


County Results

At the top of the webpage there is a dropdown menu labeled, "County Results." Selecting a county from this list will redirect you to that county's website and display local election results for that jurisdiction.  


For all other questions please call 602-542-8683 or email [email protected].