Arizona Election Laws & Publications

Arizona Revised Statutes

Elections and Electors – Title 16

Initiative, Referendum and Recall – Title 19

Public Officers and Employees – Title 38

State Government – Title 41

2017-2018 Election Procedures Manual

The Arizona Secretary of State's Office, in cooperation with our county partners, is updating the State of Arizona Election Procedures Manual for the 2017-2018 election cycle.  Our office has made draft sections of this manual available for public review.  Public comments on the revised chapters can be sent to [email protected].

A public forum on the draft Election Procedures Manual was held January 26, 2018. Comments from this forum will be reviewed and may be incorporated where applicable over the coming weeks.

Chapter 1 - Voter Registration

Chapter 2 - Early Voting

Chapter 3 - Ballots By Mail Elections

Chapter 4 - Election Day Voting

Chapter 5 - Initiative, Referendum, and Recall Petitions

Chapter 6 - Regulation of Petition Circulators

Chapter 7 - Political Party Representation on the Ballot

Chapter 8 - Campaign Finance

Chapter 9 - Holding Public Office

Chapter 10 - Voting Equipment Certification