Initiative, Referendum and Recall

Current Applications for the 2018 General Election

2018 Initiatives, Referendums & Recall Applications


Steps for Preparing an Initiative, Referendum or Recall

Please review the Initiative, Referendum and Recall Handbook (PDF) for a detailed look at each step below.

  1. Form a Political Committee
  2. File an application with the Secretary of State’s Office
  3. Prepare petitions for circulation
  4. Circulate petitions and obtain signatures from eligible voters
  5. Submit circulated petitions to the Secretary of State’s Office
  6. Secretary of State processes the petitions and determines whether enough signatures were gathered
  7. Measure is placed on the General Election Ballot or a Recall Election is ordered

Signature Requirements

Initiative Measures 150,642
Constitutional Amendments 225,963
Referendum Petitions 75,321