Running for Office


Through the Candidate Portal, federal, statewide and legislative candidates can accomplish many of their filing needs in one website.  Get started by creating a candidate profile today.

You begin your campaign by gathering signatures.  The portal allows you to electronically gather signatures through our E-Qual system, or you can generate a tailor-made nomination petition to be printed and circulated the old-fashioned way.  And when the filing deadline approaches, a candidate can generate and file other required documents exclusively through the portal.

If seeking public funding, a statewide or legislative candidate may collect $5 qualifying contributions through the portal and file nearly all the documents necessary to receive public funding.

Candidates may also use the portal to promote their campaign by creating a public profile.  Once you upload contact information, a photo, social media and website links, and a brief biography, we will promote you as candidate on our website and be ready to display your name and photo in 2018 election night results.

Later in 2018, candidates at all levels of government will be able to use this system at the local level.  Stay tuned….

Important Filings Once in Office

Annual Financial Disclosure Statement

If you were a public officer at any time during a calendar year (even for a day), you must file an annual Financial Disclosure Statement between January 1 and January 31 of the following calendar year. If you are newly appointed to fill a vacancy in office, you must file a Financial Disclosure Statement within 60 days of the date you take office.

This requirement is separate from and in addition to the financial disclosure statement filed with your nomination petitions and nomination paper when running for office.

View previously filed Financial Disclosure Statements

Campaign Finance Reporting

Statewide and legislative candidates must file campaign finance reports with the Secretary of State's Office. Campaign finance reports must be filed after each applicable reporting period until committee termination.

Running for Local Office

Candidates seeking election for county or municipal office will file nomination petitions with the appropriate county or municipality. It is your responsibility to verify the correct form utilized in the jurisdiction in which you are seeking nomination.

All questions about running for local office, including precinct committeemen, should be directed towards the appropriate county, city or town elections office. 

County Elections Contact Page