ACP Application Assistant Registration Training

OCT 10
October 10, 2017 -
9:30am to 12:30pm


Event Type

Address Confidentiality Program
Registration is required to attend this event.
Registration Opens: 
August 28, 2017 - 3:00pm
Registration Closes: 
October 10, 2017 - 9:30am
Max Attendees: 

This training is for advocates, counselors, and other professionals who are knowledgeable about the dynamics of domestic violence, sexual offenses, or stalking and provide counseling, referral or other services to victims of these crimes and who would like to become a registered application assistant to the Address Confidentiality Program (ACP).  Application assistants assists victims/survivors determine eligibility into the program, determine if program will be beneficial to victims/survivors overall safety plan, and recommend victims/survivors into the program. Training will provide advocates education and information to become application assistants and to provide tools to become effective application assistants.

The ACP provides victims of domestic violence, sexual offenses or stalking with a means to keep their residential addresses confidential on public records by providing a substitute address, which becomes the participant's lawful address of record and confidential mail services. This training will take place in the Phoenix metro area.