Stand & Serve Day at the Capitol

MAR 16
March 16, 2016 - 9:30am

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SOS Event
No registration required.


Hosted by Senator Farley and Secretary of State Michele Reagan!

Arizona Capitol, Room 312, 3rd Floor Gov’s Tower, Park on 19 Ave side  (Larger room and we can have food, it was under construction last time.)


10:30-11  Music by Betsy Ganz, Jon Rauhouse and Friends, Starbucks Coffee and Treats, Networking with community partners, youth, legislators and more

11-12:30  Official Program.  Hear from Students, Barry Crimmins & Representative Andrade, free raffle, G2BG Awards, Emceed by Representative Mendez 

12:30-1:30  Free Lunch from Green/Nami and Dominos, Capitol Tour, Music

1:30 Introductions on the floor

Plan to show up around 10 to set up, stay for lunch or go if you have to.  You can keep your table up til 1:30 if you so chose.


We are giving A Guts To Be Good Award to Bobcat Goldthwait & Barry Crimmins for their work on a documentary called "Call Me Lucky." Find it and see it on netflix or amazon, probably without children, and you will understand why they are receiving this award.  Barry will be here to accept the award and it will be delivered by Secretary of State Michele Reagan. Together we can prevent Adverse Childhood Experiences before they begin by putting the health and well-being of children at the top of the priority list! Invest in youth, elevate communities. THANK YOU!  


Tables Confirmed to date: (I may have missed one or two so please let me know)

Noble Beast

Arizona Trauma Institute

Child Help

La Frontera/Empact

Circle the City

Phoenix Public Library - Get your card today!

Inspire Arizona