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June 25, 2003
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Secretary of State Receives Extra $2 Million in Election Reform Funding
Brewer Continuing to Meet Key Deadlines and Get Fair Share of Federal Monies

PHOENIX -- Secretary of State Jan Brewer announced today that Arizona had received an additional $2.01 million in federal funding through the Help America Vote Act (HAVA) for new voting machines and voter registration technology. This funding was above and beyond the initial $5 million announced back in May.

"Our office has worked very hard to ensure that we continue on-track and meet the stringent new election requirements mandated by Congress," stated Secretary Brewer, "it is imperative that we continue accomplishing these goals as scheduled while maneuvering Arizona into position so we are fully eligible to receive our fair share of federal funds."

Once fully funded by Congress, the State of Arizona could receive up to $58 million to implement the new federal election reforms.

"With the strong support of our legislative leaders, we have now amassed over $7 million in federal aid to our state so that Arizona’s elections will be the most accurate, accountable, and fairest of any in the nation," added Secretary Brewer.

Under Secretary of State Brewer’s HAVA plan, Arizona will use most of this federal funding to get rid of all the antiquated punch card voting machines in the state and replace them with new accessible voting devices. Currently, 9 of the 15 counties still use these outdated systems.

By federal statute, Secretary Brewer was required to notify the General Services Administration by April 29th, 2003 that Arizona was in full compliance with the initial guidelines set forth in HAVA, thus ensuring eligibility to receive the federal dollars.

"The implementation of a new statewide voter registration system along with the purchase of thousands of new voting machines is a daunting task that brings tremendous new responsibilities," said Secretary Brewer, "this funding is an important step forward in meeting these federal requirements."