About the Office

The Arizona Secretary of State's office is charged with a number of important state functions, including serving as acting governor when the governor is absent from the state. Like lieutenant governors in other states, the Secretary of State is first in line to succeed the governor in the event of death, resignation or removal from office.

The Secretary of State works hand-in-hand with the business community. The office is tasked with recording the partnerships of who those who do business in Arizona and we register trade names, trademarks and issue certificates of registration. We also register telemarketers and veterans’ charitable organizations.

Improving the quality of life for Arizonans has been a priority of our office. The Arizona State Library, Archives and Public Records provides Arizonans access to information about their government, their state and their world. The information available from the State Library empowers citizens to become informed citizens.

Our Address Confidentiality Program allows victims of domestic violence, sexual abuse or stalking to keep their residential addresses confidential by giving them a substitute address.

Another important duty of the office is trustworthy, secure elections. The Secretary of State serves as Chief Election Officer for the State. One of the goals of the office is to register more voters and encourage them to become engaged in their elections. The office also certifies: voting devices, election results, candidates and measures to the ballot, as well as the results of statewide elections. In addition, we are the filing office for campaign finance and expenditure reports made by lobbyists.

Our office performs a variety of administrative functions as well. We grant or deny use of the Great Seal of the state of Arizona, attest to all official acts of the Governor and affix the Seal on all official documents. Our office commissions notaries and certifies notarized documents going to other states or foreign countries.

Citizens looking for information on legislative actions need to look no further than our office. We file chaptered bills, Senate and House memorials and resolutions and gubernatorial vetoes.

The duties of the Secretary of State are many, but our commitment to you remains the same: To provide you with efficient, friendly customer service.