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The rules online are posted through the FOURTH quarter of 2017.

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Popular Questions

What is the Code?

The Arizona Administrative Code is the official publication of Arizona’s codified rules and is published by the Administrative Rules Division (Division). State agencies, boards and commissions, are given rulemaking authority from the state Legislature. Rule sections are published in chapters under titles in quarterly Code supplements.

What are Code Supplements?

The Code is updated quarterly. Supplement quarters are:
January 1 - March 31;
April 1 - June 30;
July 1 - September 30;
October 1 - December 31.
Please allow at least three weeks after the end of the quarter date for the posting of a supplement.

What is considered the official version of published rules?

The paper version of the Arizona Administrative Code, as printed by the Division, is considered the official version under the law. Refer to the Disclaimer of this website for more information.

Who can help me understand a rule section published in the Code?

The Office of the Secretary of State, Administrative Rules Division accepts filings of state agency rules and is the official publisher of Arizona rules. The Division does not interpret or enforce rules in the Code.

If you have questions about the content or application of a published rule section, please contact the agency that promulgated the rule. Agency contact information can be found online at the state of Arizona website (link is external).

If you have questions about the publishing and release of the Arizona Administrative Code or Arizona Administrative Register, contact the Division at (602) 364-3223; or write:

Office of the Secretary of State
Administrative Rules Division
1700 W. Washington St., 7th Floor
Phoenix, Arizona 85007

Inquiries can also be addressed to the editors via e-mail on our Contacts page.

How do I subscribe to the Administrative Code?

The online version of the Code is free. To purchase a paper copy of a chapter print the order form by clicking on the supplement link. For example: (17-1).

Paper subscriptions are available for the 11-volume set (21 Titles) of the Code.

Are there copyright restrictions on the Code?

The public and stakeholders may reproduce, without restrictions, chapters and sections published in the Code.

There is a commercial use fee to use the Code. Commercial use fees apply to those who intend to use the Code for resale or profit. For more information see our order form.

What is an effective date of a rule?

Generally a rule becomes effective sixty days after a certified original and two copies of the rule and preamble are filed in the Secretary of State’s Office and the time and date are affixed (A.R.S. § 41-1032).

The agency may demonstrate that the rule needs to be effective immediately on filing with the Secretary of State’s Office. This information would be noted in the agency’s preamble as published in the Administrative Register. Refer to the HISTORICAL NOTE in the Administrative Code for an effective date of a rule.


Table of Contents

Title 1. Rules and the Rulemaking Process
Title 2. Administration
Title 3. Agriculture
Title 4. Professions and Occupations
Title 5. Corrections
Title 6. Economic Security
Title 7. Education
Title 8. Emergency and Military Affairs
Title 9. Health Services
Title 10. Law
Title 11. Mines
Title 12. Natural Resources
Title 13. Public Safety
Title 14. Public Service Corporations; Corporations and Associations; Securities Regulation
Title 15. Revenue
Title 16. Tax Appeals
Title 17. Transportation
Title 18. Environmental Quality
Title 19. Alcohol, Dog and Horse Racing, Lottery and Gaming
Title 20. Commerce, Financial Institutions, and Insurance
Title 21. Child Safety

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