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2017 - Volume 23

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What is the Administrative Register?

The Arizona Administrative Register (A.A.R.) is the official publication to track rulemaking activity - from an idea or concept of the making of a rule - to the proposal of the rule - to an agency making a final rule with approval from either the Governor's Regulatory Review Council or the Attorney General's Office.

How are rules published?

State agencies file rule notices with our office. These documents are assigned a file number and published the third week from the date of filing in the Administrative Register.

How can I find out about proposed rules that may affect me?

Click on the latest edition of the Register. Choose the Index to see what agencies have been promulgating rules this year.

I have found a final rule in the Register but it has strike-outs and underlines. Where can I find the cleaned up text of a rule?

The official version of the final rule is published quarterly in the Arizona Administrative Code. If a final, exempt, emergency, or expedited rulemaking is not published in the Code, the rule is still effective per the date in the preamble of the published rule in the Register. Click on Rule Notices to view the agency list of filings.

Arizona Administrative Procedure Act (APA)

The Arizona Administrative Procedure Act, or APA, are the laws that govern promulgation of state agency rules.
Arizona Administrative Procedure Act (APA) (PDF) - General Effective Date September 12, 2013

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The Secretary of State is merely the filing office and publisher of Administrative rules.  Therefore our office does not interpret or enforce rules.  For questions about rules, contact the agency that promulgated them.