Trade Names and Trademarks


ONLINE TRADE NAME AND TRADEMARK FILING IS NOW AVAILABLE! Click here for the Menu. Select the application that you wish to complete; follow the prompts to complete, submit and pay for your filing. Some applications will require review and you will receive a message at the end of the application process advising you of same. Upon completion of our review, you will receive an email advising of your next steps. Once payment has been processed you will receive your certificate via the email that you provided.

Filing a trade name registers a business name for public record. A trade name is similar to a “doing business as” (“DBA”) name, and is not legally required but is an acceptable business practice. A trade name does not grant exclusive rights to a business name, nor is a trade name similar to a corporation or limited liability company (“LLC”). If you want to file a corporation or LLC, you need to file with the Arizona Corporation Commission.

Filing a trademark registers a logo or slogan to be displayed on goods or services for public record. Trademarks also are referred to as service marks. These, too, are not required to be filed, but is an acceptable business practice.

These filings are only applicable in Arizona and are not substitutes for national filings. If you want to file nationwide, you may want to consult the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office or the State Library of Arizona; a branch of the Arizona State Library, Archives and Public Records, a division of the Secretary of State; as it is a U.S. Patent and Trademark Resource Center.

Check filing guidelines and tips in our Trade Name and Trademark Handbook. Our office strongly suggests that customers perform extensive, independent research before registering a trade name. We cannot guarantee that chosen names will not conflict with existing business names.

What to File

See Form & Fee Chart (PDF)

Filing Fee

See Form & Fee Chart (PDF)

Checks and money orders can be made out to the “Arizona Secretary of State.” Please do not send cash by mail. We recommend paying with cash for in-person filings only.

Filing Length: Trade Names last for 5 years from the date of receipt. Trademarks last for 10 years from the date of receipt. Prior to expiration, you have up to six months to renew your trade name or trademark. If your filing is not renewed on time, your trade name or trademark can be registered by someone else.

Processing Time: 6-8 weeks.

Filing tips

  • If you are renewing your trade name or trademark, the owner must match what is currently on file with the Secretary of State, and the owner cannot be updated on a renewal. Do a search of your trade name or trademark if you do not remember how your filing is recorded. We will return any renewal if the owner does not match the information on file with our office.
  • A duplicate certificate is $3 and can be requested with a public records request form.
  • Our search website does not provide electronic images of what has been previously processed. Copies of received applications can be requested with a Public Record Request Form. Plain copies of applications on file are 10 cents per page, and include $3 extra per request if you require certified copies. A microfiche of every application is kept on file after it has been filed, cancelled or revoked.
  • Customers are advised to seek legal counsel in the event of a name conflict. The Secretary of State is a filing agency and not authorized to resolve legal matters involving trade name conflicts
  • If you have any questions, please call us at 602-542-6187 or 1-800-458-5842 or email us.

Where to File

Filing By Mail

Secretary of State
Attn: Trade Name/Trademark
1700 W. Washington Street, Fl. 7
Phoenix, AZ 85007-2808

In-Person Filing - Phoenix Office

State Capitol Executive Tower
1700 W. Washington Street
Suite 220

In-Person Filing - Tucson Office

Arizona State Complex Building
400 West Congress
First Floor, Suite 141